Bloom {Into Beautiful}: A Thankful Spirit


A Thankful Spirit

Good morning, ladies!

Today I had planned to do a post on guilt... but the Lord has led me in another direction. I feel as though I need to do this on blessings and being thankful to the Lord.

I woke up today with a thankful heart. Overflowing with gratitude to God for all of the many good things He has done for me. He has blessed me with another birthday... today I am officially 22 years old. So, instead of waking up with the usual, "YAY, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" I am overwhelmed with a thankful spirit. 

I think many times we get so caught up in our everyday lives that we don't stop to thank God for those everyday things... For example: our job, our Starbucks, our Chanel makeup, our Zara shoes, our fancy car, the gas that goes into that car, and etc... I may be the only one who feels like I don't thank God for these things on a regular basis... But I just felt like I needed to remind ya'll Who blesses us with all of these THINGS. That's something else... all of this stuff is just... yeah, stuff. It's not what truly matters in this life! I'm not saying you can't be dressed fabulous and have nice things... I'm just saying remember what matters and Who allows you to live so wonderfully!

What matters? Christ. The Cross. Salvation. Spreading the Gospel. Love. Compassion. Family. True friends. Things like this... That is what matters! 

So, I just challenge you today to look at the THINGS around you that you are blessed with today... Thank God for them... Don't fail to give the praise and honor where it is due... To our Heavenly Father. 
I'll end with this quote... 
"What if you woke up today only with the things you thanked God for yesterday?" 

Until next time...

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