Bloom {Into Beautiful}: My Testimony


My Testimony

Hey, ladies! Today I want to share my testimony with ya’ll. I feel like you can’t truly connect with someone spiritually until you’ve heard their testimony and know a little bit about them! I’ll make it as short as possible and try to not bore ya’ll to death!

God blessed me with an amazing Christian family. I am so thankful for that every single day because having people to look up to for guidance and direction, who will give you a Biblical standpoint, is truly awesome. So, of course, I got saved when I was like seven years old during a Chapel Service at my school. I know at that moment I was completely ready to serve God with all I could at that age! Then came the teenage years. Long story short, I got into the wrong relationship with the wrong guy (I shouldn’t have even been in a “relationship” then anyway!) and fell away from God. It was a fast downward spiral and it was miserable.

October of 2006 was the year I came back. I was fourteen. There was a revival being held at my school (I went to a private school) and I went one night with a few friends. I’m telling ya, if you walked through that door and couldn’t feel God’s Spirit, something was wrong! It was all over that entire building! The preacher was talking about clouds… I don’t really remember what exactly… because I was lost and could care less. Plus, I had the biggest burden of conviction upon me that I wanted to get up and run out of that church building. Suddenly, he stops. He looks around, tears brimming in his eyes, and says, “I feel like I need to stop. Let’s stop everything. Musicians, come up and play some music. I feel God’s Spirit so heavy here tonight. I feel God tugging at hearts tonight. Let’s pray.” He goes into this prayer and every Christian in the building is crying out to God. People start to make their way to the altar… God pulls at my heart some more… and finally I break. I walk to the altar… look up to God and just start saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Lord, I’m so sorry I’ve failed you.” A lady comes over and prays with me… I’ll never forget her sweet voice. That night I gave my heart back to God. It’s the best night of my life.

After I gave my heart back to Christ… I changed. I didn’t want what I did before out of life. I wanted more of God. A year later my parents got divorced. That time was truly hard on me spiritually. I felt like my life was falling apart and I would never be able to put it back together. There were times that I was so low, I contemplated suicide. Yes, to all of my friends and family that are reading this, that did go through my head. No, it wasn’t due to the divorce… It was because of how I had handled everything and the thoughts that the devil kept putting in my head! He wants to win us from Christ… He will take the smallest thing and turn it into something that makes you want to give up. If it hadn’t been for the Christian friends that I had standing by at the time, I honestly don’t know what I would have done. The Scriptures that were given to me at that time in my life were what got me through. Repeating them every day to remember… God is with me, I’m in His care… is all that would help. But I got through that valley and that trial in my life. Why? Because I had someone to lean on… and that man’s name is JESUS.

Years later, I found my sweet husband, Travis. I’m so blessed to have him by my side and I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for our future. We had our ups and downs… We even separated for seven months while we were dating… But here we are… happily married. Through that time of separation I grew so close to God. I believe that’s why God put us apart during that time. Because I was putting my relationship with Travis before my relationship with God. During that time apart… I started teaching youth group at my Church. That season in my life has now come to an end… but I want each and every one of those young adults to know how they’ve touched my heart. They’ve truly been an inspiration to me and I love them so much!

Why is that season ending? Well, my husband is in the Army and his next duty station is in Kansas. We will be moving there in two short weeks. So when it hit me that I wasn’t going to be teaching anymore, I said, “God, what am I going to do? I have to have ministry. I know you’ve called me to do ministry for You somehow, someway, throughout my life! What am I going to do in KANSAS?!” God was quiet… I truly didn’t understand how He could use me somewhere I’d never been and don’t have a home church to attend yet! Then one day the word “blog” popped in my head. I questioned this because I didn’t want this to be my idea, but God’s idea. So I sincerely prayed and sought God about it for over a month. One day, while in service at church, He gave me the affirmation. I started the process of getting the blog together as soon as I got home! Weeks later, with help from the lovely Aubrey Kinch, here we are.

Thank ya’ll for reading… The sweet comments from ya’ll have truly been a blessing. I pray many blessings over each of you pretty ladies… Just remember, God loves you so much and He wants you to love Him back.

Until next time…

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