Bloom {Into Beautiful}: A Look Into My Shop: The Crystal Feather Boutique


A Look Into My Shop: The Crystal Feather Boutique

Hey, ladies!
As many of ya'll know, I am owner of The Crystal Feather Boutique!
I love it so much and can't wait to see what God has in store for it!
Many of my customers have been wanting to see a "behind the scenes" for the shop, so I decided that a blog post would be the best way to give that to them.
You may think it's all glamour and fun, but owning a small business is very stressful work!
I am a sole proprietor, which means I do all of the work... No help, no employees, all me.
So between being a wife, keeping my house in order, blogging here, keeping my relationship with God top priority, having a social life, and keeping this business running... I'm pretty busy! I can't complain, because I love all of it! 
I'll stop blabbing now and give ya'll what ya came for!
PS I'm posting the links for the items in the photo underneath it! ;)

My Office

Desk//Ikea   Prints & Sequin Hangers//Pearls & Pastries   Shopping Bags/Boxes//From Stores
I don't think you could ever have too much inspiration surrounding you... 
and my office says that! 
I love pink, gold & white, so I wanted to incorporate that into my business.
If you've ever received a package from me, then you know exactly what i mean.
I wanted to post a photo of packing an item to ship... 
but I just ordered new GOLD & WHITE polka dot tissue & it's not in yet!

Favorites On My Wall

SJP Print//Pearls & Pastries
Dress Yourself Spiritually Print//Pearls & Pastries

My friend Lauren at Pearls & Pastries is the bomb. She makes the cutest prints!
I'm pretty sure I'm obsessed with them.
These are my two favorite prints!
The first because I hope that this advice from SJP comes true!
The second because this is a Christian company and I always want my ladies to remember that our most important clothing is our spiritual clothing!
If we are ugly on the inside then the outside will only be an illusion!
Remember what comes first!

Desk Details

Simplified Planner//Emily Ley

Without this thing I would be lost. It's so awesome! 
If you're into planning or just OCD... this is for you!

Letter Sorter//Office Depot   Pencil Cup//Office Depot   Polka Dot Notepad//Shop By Monika   Lamp//Ikea (In Store Only)   Pens&Pencils//Target & Office Depot

I'm a list maker, so constant paper & pen availability is key for me!

Tape Dispenser//Shop By Monika   Washi Tape//Hobby Lobby (In Store Only!)

Every item I send out is wrapped in tissue & a piece of washi tape is what holds it together!
I found this tape at Hobby Lobby last week & had to have it!
I also used it to hang up my prints on my wall! ;)
As you've seen, I love Shop By Monika! She has such cute things available! 
This tape dispenser was perfect for me! 

Striped Jewelry Box//Target   Mirrored Jewelry Box//Target   Polka Dot Jewelry Box//Target
Purple Box//Kate Spade   Sequin Hanger//Pearls & Pastries

What's inside? Just jewelry! 
Storage in our home is kind of...small. So, my desk hold all of my jewels!
Doesn't bother me with these gorgeous boxes I found at Target!

Bowls//Pearls & Pastries   Plate//Pearls & Pastries   Spoon//Shop By Monika   
Macaron Box//Birchbox

A new thing I'm doing is adding a little bag of glitter with every order! 
These jewelry dishes from Pearls & Pastries were perfect to hold my glitter & business cards!
What's in the macaron? Extra washi tape! Nothing glamorous. Hah!


Mug//Kate Spade   Spoon//Shop By Monika

I have to have coffee every single day. Or I'm dead.
This Kate Spade mug my dear friend got me is aaaaamazing!
Love, love, love!

Mug//Starbucks   Spoon//Shop By Monika   Notepad//Shop By Monika   Pencil//Target

As I said before, I am a list maker! Every month I make a "goal" list for the shop.
So far, I'm half way done with January! Yay!

Pillow Case//Uppercases 

I sit in my bed and talk to my Savior. This is the time that I find the "Verse of the Day" for the shop.
This is the happiest part of my day, every day!

I don't do this EVERY day... but I try to do this as often as possible!
Study up on fashion & give my nails some attention!

My Model (Before I Moved)

Ya'll without this girl I don't know where the shop would be!
I've put her in sweaters in the hot sun, high heels in the rain, hiked around a farm...
She's done it all! FOR FREE! 
She has been such a supporter & great help!
Lindsey Rowland, I don't think you know how much I truly appreciate you!

My New Model

Yes, my model is a sequin hanger & sometimes this desk.
As silly as it may seem, I love it!
Plus, I don't have to stress Lindsey out every week! Hah!

A Few of My Bloggers

This gal right here has been a HUGE supporter for me.
She's advertised for the shop since opening day & has never spoken an ill word.
Jamie, thanks so much for all you've done!! xoxo

Oh, McKenna how can I ever repay you?
This girl has such a sweet spirit about her!
She's advertised for me several times & always does it so well!
Thanks, girly!!! xoxo

New to the shop is Caitlin! This girl has some amazing readers!
After posting about this sweater, I sold out in an hour! You go, girl!

There have been many more bloggers here but it would be a very long list to have them all up here!

What My Computer Sees

This AMAZING desktop background designed by Aubrey Kinch is major eye candy for me every day!

Of course I'm always checking up on the site!

Coming Soon: Handmade with Love

I squeal every time I think about it!
Handmade with Love launches next week! Yay!
I'm a sucker for anything handmade & there are some amazing items coming to the shop next week!
I'll be adding different items every month... So keep an eye out! 
This photo is a sneak peek of an exclusive print from Lauren Ashley Gilmore!

The Woman Behind It All

Thanks to all of my wonderful customers & supporters! I couldn't do this without ya'll!

My Boys

Without the constant love & support that my husband gives me, NONE of this would be possible!
I'm so blessed to call him mine. I love you, babe!!!

This little guy is always by my side, every day! 
If you ever find your tissue a little rumpled, that definitely means Bo has found it!

Thanks for reading!!!
Until next time...

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