Bloom {Into Beautiful}: Dead & Gone


Dead & Gone

This post has turned into something totally different than what I drafted two hours ago. 
I felt that the message I had earlier wasn't cutting it. I prayed & the Lord answered. He's great with timing. :)
So basically this is more of a praise & testimony piece. 

Here is my heart & my prayer today:
Hey, God. I just want to thank you so much for saving me. Thank you for changing me from the young girl I was into this woman whose heart is so full of You & desires You so much. I am so overwhelmed with the fact that the girl I was is now dead and gone. She's no more. Sin does not have a hold on me! Praise You Lord!!! I am free. Free to love with a heart that is Yours. Free to worship you. Free to spread Your Word among those who accept it. Free to be who I am & free to grow into that more each day. Thank you Lord for just wiping away all of my past sins. Lord, I know that I fail You. I fail You more than I care to admit. But Lord, I also know that Your grace & mercy are new each morning! Thank You so much for caring about little ol' Megan. The girl who didn't care whether she had a relationship with You. The girl who put on the "Christian" front for so many but wasn't living for You or having a relationship with You. Thank You for helping me to get past that & to where I am now. Thank You for helping me to push through the insecurities that I have. Thank You for helping me to grow out of those each day, step by step. Thank You for putting the many women who have inspired & encouraged me into my life. Thank you Lord for being there for me each day & every night. Thank You for holding me when the world seems to be crashing in. Thank You for Your peace, Your comfort, Your love & Your Word. I love You. 

In Jesus name I pray, 

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