Bloom {Into Beautiful}: Giving Up Your Isaac


Giving Up Your Isaac

Scripture: Genesis 22

The story of Abraham and Isaac has always stuck out to me as one of the greatest stories in the Bible. Why? I think probably because it can apply to us so much. Maybe not in the same circumstance... but in the sense of obeying God and laying down things in our lives for Him. 

In life, God will sometimes ask us to give something up for Him. Many times it will be hard for us because our flesh will not want to get rid of that thing or excuse that person. Many times the thing that God asks you to give up is more than likely in the way of you growing closer to God. 

Sometimes, as in the story with Abraham and Isaac, God is simply testing us to see if we will give it up for Him and trust His will for our lives. As in, the ting or person He wanted us to give up may just be for a season and not for life. 

God is truly amazing and He knows what and who we need in our daily lives. If God is dealing with your heart over this matter, I encourage you to seek His face & open up to Him about this person or thing. God loves you and He wants what is best for you. Open your heart, let Him in and don't let go. 

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