Bloom {Into Beautiful}: All Gold All the Time


All Gold All the Time

I'm sure ya'll already know (if you follow me on Insta) that I am a gold lover.
I've put together some of my favorite gold pieces that I currently own!
Be sure to check the links to purchase them for yourself!

Sequin Hanger//P&P Golden Stripe Canvas (No Longer Made) Loving This!

Holy Chic Top//Pencils (Target, sold out)//Lip Print

Jewelry Boxes (Target, Sold Out)//Sandals (Target, Sold Out) Loving These!

Calendar (Target, Sold Out) Loving This!//Necklace (Crystal Feather Boutique, Sold Out) Loving This!//Gold Spoons (Shop By Monika, Sold Out)

Thanks for reading!

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