Bloom {Into Beautiful}: My Travels of 2013


My Travels of 2013

I absolutely LOVE to travel. It doesn't matter if it's somewhere I've been 1,000 times, there is just something awesome about going on a little (or big) trip with those you love.
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The first trip of 2013 was to Key West with my momma & bff Lindsey! We had so much fun! The trip ended in Wilmington, NC due to crazy hurricane weather that hit the second day we were in Key West, so you could say this was a very large trip! 
The southernmost point of the USA! Pretty cool!

A little piece of Key West beauty.

At this point, we were in South Carolina I believe! Hah! What a trip!

This is the cool little place that was in the movie Safe Haven!

This is the spot from Safe Haven where Alex & Katie come in from the rain storm.

The house from the movie Safe Haven. 

Some beautiful scenery from Southport, NC

Our trip ended in my favorite little town, Wilmington, NC! Such a fun day!

My next little trip of 2013 was my belated honeymoon with my sweet husband! We went to Wilmington, NC and had such a wonderful time. The Lord truly blessed us with that trip!
Our first evening was spent eating some yummy seafood on the balcony of our favorite Wilmington restaurant overlooking the Cape Fear river.

Seeing the battleship & spending some time in Battleship Park was such a treat! Something I had never done in all of my many trips to this town. I'm glad it was with my sweet husband!


Walking the streets of Wilmington & visiting Airlie Gardens was probably my favorite part of our trip! So beautiful! I had to share the photo of this dog we found outside of a grill/bar downtown! So cute!

Of course no trip to Wilmington is complete without a few trips to the beach! 
Love this man more than I could ever express!

My next little adventure was a roadtrip with my aunt Wendy & my girl Lindsey!
We traveled around Kentucky to see old covered bridges, church buildings, etc! It was so much fun!

My last trip of 2013 was kind of a permanent one. Our big move to Kansas until October 2015!
Here are a few snap shots I got while on our way!

Thanks for reading!

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