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Time With Jesus

Today I wanted to share my morning devotional time with ya'll.

Every morning I get up, fix a cup of coffee and curl up on the couch with Jesus.
If I don't do this, it seems like my entire day is just crazy and I'm not focused.
I'm currently using the devotional, Jesus Calling, and I am in love.
I started this July 1st of last year, which means that it will be ending on Tuesday.
I'm so happy that I found out about this amazing little book.
It seems like every day I read this, there is a little something in there that was written just for me.
I've underlined and scribbled so many notes in this! 
I know I will return to this little devo a lot throughout my life!

Another thing I do each morning is read my Bible. I feel like it's something we NEED as Christians.
It's our nourishment as a people growing closer to God.
Currently I am spending my time in Psalms. It's just so nice to read these passages & praise the Lord!
This fall I will be attempting to read through my Bible in 90 days. 
I've read through several times, but never that fast.
The reason for reading through in 90 days is that I want to purchase a chronological Bible and read through that way!
I feel like that would be so much fun to read the Word this way!

I also journal each morning after my reading. 
I feel like sometimes we get things out better on paper than we can express silently or through speaking. 
There is just something so amazing about writing my feelings to God rather than speaking.
Don't get me wrong, I pray daily, but I also love writing to Him.
I encourage you to try it. 
Also, this way you can always come back and see where you were at a time in your life 
and how God delivered you.
I hope ya'll enjoyed looking into my morning devotional routine!

Oh, can't forget a photo of my coffee! ;)

Thanks for reading!

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