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Currently Loving... On Etsy

I am obsessed with Etsy, ya'll.
So many cute things!
Everything you could ever want (basically) in one little online community! 
I've gotten a few new pieces from Etsy recently & wanted to share them all with you!
All links are below the photos!

I'm currently obsessed with my new coasters from Pretty Smitten!
These are so great and at a great price! Only $18 for a set of 15!

I got these cute little boxer shorts from Designs By April as a gift for my best before she starts college!
They are SO SOFT and fit great!

Pretty sure I feel like "I'm Really A Mermaid" during the summer! This little necklace is so adorable!
I snagged this little gem from I Love Crafty! Such a cute little shop! 
She also has some pineapple pieces I'm in love with!

Love makeup? Then look no further for the PERFECT brush holder!
I Love Pickles seriously has so many cute designs in these! I love my chevron brush holder!

This is the only word I have to describe this super-cute bathroom accessories from DCA Collection!
She does these in different colors & also sells lots of other cute pieces!

Thanks for reading!!!

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  1. Hi Megan,

    This is Clarissa from Chic Love Affair. I really love your blog and thought the Liebster award would be perfect for you. I wrote a post today answering the 11 questions my nominator sent me and also posted new questions for my nominees. I've attached the link below so you can see the rules for the award and the questions I have for you to answer. Congrats on being nominated and I can't wait till September!
    With Love,
    Clarissa of Chic Love Affair