Bloom {Into Beautiful}: The Journal Series: Week 2


The Journal Series: Week 2

Goodmorning! It's Tuesday & that means it's journal day! Today's post is pretty short but I know I found this one for a reason! Enjoy!

October 1, 2013
Reading: Jesus Calling
We have to remember that God's ways and thoughts are always greater than our own. When we are tired and brought down, we need to remember that He is the ultimate peace/rest giver. We need to always put God first in our lives. We need to love Him above all else. For if we don't, we will become lukewarm. He says we are better off cold (turned away from Him) than to be lukewarm (having one foot towards the world and the other towards Heaven). Basically, this is saying love God, trust God, respect God above anyone/anything else we will ever encounter.

I just kind of want to clarify and elaborate on this. Yes, we do need to put God above all else and give Him so much more than we give this world, but He also encourages us to love our neighbor. So this doesn't mean that you can turn away from all of your family and friends just because you're putting God first. I'm pretty sure He would be the first one to tell you to step back, take a breath, read His Word and reevaluate what you were doing. He wants us to love and care for those around us with a Godly love, for if we don't show this to them, who will? 

Thanks for reading!

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