Bloom {Into Beautiful}: 10 Things I'm Afraid to Tell You...


10 Things I'm Afraid to Tell You...

Here it goes!
Ya'll don't even know how nervous I am about this little post!
I was challenged by Sherelle Gilbert over at She Experienced to join in with her 
& a few other bloggers to share 10 things no one {except those close} knows about me!
{insert nervous emoji here}

1. I weigh 150 pounds - Yep. Those Instagram angles/filters can hide a lot. Including my weight. Does it bother me? Heck yes, it does. Am I changing this? Heck yes, I am! Couch to 5K plus other exercise routines started last week for me & I am LOVING the results!

2. I have full-on conversations with my dog - Crazy dog lady over here! It gets lonely sometimes, ya'll! With hubs on the other side of the world for 10 months.. sometimes I need a little canine conversation!

3. I have acne at 23 years of age - Yep. Take away the makeup and BAM! zits! I hate it. 
It's disgusting and it's been a struggle since I was a teen. 
If you followed me around on my #BloomUnfiltered day on Instagram... you've seen what's underneath! 
However, with the help of Nerium, this is changing as well! Post coming soon!

4. I have an obsession with the new Taylor Swift cd - No comment.

5. I am an Instagram stalker - Guilty as charged! Come on, everyone does it right?

6. I have a shopping problem - No joke. 
They could make a movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic: The Megan McQueen Story"
I will scrape the bottom of my account to purchase just anything.
With the help of my husband, I'm slowly coming out of this!

7. I will go down to my last pair of panties to avoid doing laundry - I hate doing laundry. End of story.

8. I'm a terrible driver - Let me sum this up for you: I've been in 5 car accidents {all my fault but one} since I started driving in 2007. 

9. I paid for my first couple thousand of Instagram followers - Yes, it exists. Yes, I did it. Yes, they were spam when Instagram cleaned up a while back. And yes, that's why I lost close to 5,000 followers in one day. Yes, all of my current followers are 100% real. Yes, I'm ashamed.

10. I cry - I cry a lot. I try to hide this from people I'm around on a regular basis, but it happens. 
I cry because I miss my husband. I cry because I constantly fail my Savior, Jesus Christ.
I  cry because I can't control every single thing. 

There it is. 10 things I was afraid to tell you {or anyone} and now you know.

What is something you're afraid to tell anyone?


  1. I LOVE this Meg! I cry a lot too and I absolutely hate doing laundry! LOL I just shared two more!

  2. Love how honest you are! This takes strength to share!!