Bloom {Into Beautiful}: Walking on Clouds with Sole Serum


Walking on Clouds with Sole Serum

Sole Serum c/o || Heels: Valentino

Hey y'all!
I hope you ladies are staying warm or trying to at least!
If you're in a tropical environment at this time... I hate you.
It's pouring rain here in  KY right now, which will freeze very quickly in this negative degree weather.
My plans are to travel back to Kansas tomorrow, so much prayer is appreciated for safe travels!

In other news, I am so obsessed with Sole Serum!
I am the world's worst for wearing a crazy pair of heels on a date and then an hour and a half later after walking, complaining about how bad my feet hurt to my husband, who then follows with "I told you to wear flats." Belly laughs, belly laughs.
Well, ladies, I'm here to tell ya that is no longer my problem! When you start to feel any discomfort, simply apply a pump of Sole Serum to the area (or your whole foot),  let it dry for 60 seconds, put your shoes back on and less than ten minutes later it will feel like your feet are walking on clouds! Not even kidding! If you've not purchased this yet then you need to. Now. Aaaaand I've got a special little code for you!! 
Use code MrsMcQueen for 15% off!!


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