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Handmade with Lots of Love

Bracelet: Ekubo Ministries c/o

Hello ladies!
Today I am sharing this bracelet from Ekubo Ministries & what they are all about!
I am absolutely crazy over this piece & how comfortable it is to wear!
I paired it with a bright floral kimono & denim for a simple look.
Ekubo Ministries is an absolutely amazing company!

Here is a brief summary about their business:
"We live and serve in Uganda and keep families together by creating job opportunities for men and women in our village. The mothers make jewelry to help pull themselves out of poverty and sustain their families. They take otherwise discarded paper and roll it into beads to make necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even other items such as our crochet bracelets"

How amazing. 
I am always more than happy to work with businesses that are more than just that. 
I love people who will work for the good of others and not just to help themselves. 
Go check out their page & purchase something to help these families. 

Thanks for reading & enjoy your day!

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