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Today I'm sharing my top five spiritual inspirations I've came across on Pinterest recently.
I always enjoy finding new quotes & scriptural inspiration & thought I would share my favorites with y'all. It's always nice to connect with you ladies on a spiritual note and I plan on doing more of that with the blog. Originally, the blog was created to continue to mentor girls from my church back home when I moved to Kansas. Now it seems as though I'm not giving any credit to the Lord for this little blog of mine. What's changed? I pushed it to the side & got lazy. With this being said, I'll be dedicating at least two days of my posts each week to God and writing or sharing what He has put on my heart. I hope you enjoy & please pray that He will open my eyes to see where He wants to take this. Thanks in advance. Love y'all!

This truly touched my heart. Sometimes when we do something for the Lord it seems like no one is looking and no one has seen the work we've done. Human nature tells us to swell up with pride and want to take credit for our hard work, but the Lord calls you to humble yourself, be quiet & know that He is the One watching & with you He is well pleased.

Many times we sit and wonder, "God, when is 'this' going to happen?" but remember that His timing is perfect. Sometimes He answers our prayers in ways we would never expect. It may not be exactly what you asked for, but I can guarantee you, it's better. And until that special prayer is answered, in His way, praise Him in the hallway.

Being the ultimate OCD & planner that I am, I always find this hard for me to do. I can plan all I want to, right down to what time to cook dinner, but the Lord will have His way whenever He calls for it. Your car may break down on your way to the grocery but God may place someone in your life that day that needed to see your Light. The question is, are you showing the light or grumbling about the incident instead? God's way is best & He's got you. Do not fear.

Enough said.

I think a lot of times we open our Bibles and start reading it with a guard up. We don't truly let down our walls and automatically say to ourselves "I'm a Christian. I'm saved by grace. I know everything in this Bible, I've read it six times." Yes, these things may be true, but I can guarantee you that God can use a simple verse to complete change your world if you just open your heart up to Him, pray, and then begin reading. Don't put on your "smarty pants" when you open the Word, but take away everything, let it all go and let Him in. For example, I was reading in Philippians this morning in my NLT Bible, which I've read twice. There are many highlights, notes and underlines in this Bible and yet, the verse that spoke to me had never been touched. God just amazes me at how He works in times when we feel as though nothing is going how it should. He knows what's best, His timing is perfect & His Word is the biggest encouragement you'll ever receive. Don't push it aside. 

Thanks for reading & have a wonderful day!

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