Bloom {Into Beautiful}: A Fresh Start


A Fresh Start

As I was working in my flower garden last week, I was cleaning it out, making a fresh start and pulling out all of those ugly weeds. Some of the flowers and plants that I was digging out were in deep and simply weren't going to give without a lot of work and effort on my part. The weeds were pretty easy to get out but the plants and flowers that had been there for years were a lot trickier. 

I think as a Christian I can relate to this. Sometimes in our walk with Christ we fall and stumble along the way... But what are we stumbling over? Some things may be weeds that have just been placed in our hearts recently and are easy to get rid of... Others may be things we have struggled with since before we dedicated our lives to Christ. When we do that, dedicate our lives to Christ, we should begin to pull out those things that have been in our hearts & lives for a long time and look at them... Throw out the bad. Throw out the things that don't align with how Christ wants us to live and keep the good. God doesn't want us to live a so-so Christian life. He has called us for greater things! He wants us to spread the Word to all that we can and LIVE that Truth. Sometimes you need a blank slate to get things right and put your priorities in proper order. If you are struggling with this right now, just know that someone is praying for you... And if you doubt that, I want you to know that I am. I'm praying for each and every person that's reading this. I pray that God works mighty miracles in your life and helps you make a fresh start and begin to truly bloom.

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