Bloom {Into Beautiful}: First 5 App Review


First 5 App Review

Hey, y'all!
Today I am sharing one of my favorite apps with you!
If spending time with God is one of your top priorities, then you know the struggle when your day gets ahead of you, and it seems like you just can't sit down and enjoy an hour of quiet time with your Savior. First 5 will be your hero. 

First 5 became available just a month or so ago and I immediately downloaded it as soon as I heard. Even though I am now on a strict schedule to make myself wake up and have a 30-60 minute quiet time each morning, I still enjoy using this app while on my lunch break or at night before bed. 

The First 5 app was designed to give you a 5 minute devotion that is still powerful. And I say they did just that with an A+. Whether I am reading this in the AM or PM, I am so focused and zoned in to the devotional and scripture reading for that day. If you have more than 5 minutes, you can also dig deeper into the study with the "More Moments" section at the bottom of your reading! I love this because I sometimes want more of the amazing study for that day! 

I also love that you can connect with other ladies that have the app! A comments section is available below each reading where you can "favorite" a comment from someone and even reply back to them with encouragement or thanks! Wonderful community of ladies! 

This app is free and even if it wasn't, it would be worth every penny. I believe it is available for all phones, but I know it is in the App Store for iPhone users. Don't miss out on a daily adventure with First 5! 

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