Bloom {Into Beautiful}: Five Tips for Surviving Black Friday


Five Tips for Surviving Black Friday

Hey y'all!
With Black Friday approaching quickly, I decided to share my five tips for surviving the madness!

Make sure that Starbucks mug is filled to the brim Friday morning! If you are driving a short trip to shop, be sure to have one for the road and run through the drive thru once you arrive at your destination as well! After a day full of turkey, you will need some caffeine to wake you back up!
Don't love coffee? Grab a Red Bull or 5-Hour Energy and get moving!

Those shoulders are sure to break down if you carry a large/heavy purse while shopping all of the sales. When I go on a long shopping trip or know I need quick access to my cards/cell phone, I always take this Kate Spade bag! Shop for your crossbody bag by clicking here!

Don't let your feet fail you! Grab your comfiest pair of shoes and hit the door! These Tory Burch loafers are my absolute faves and keep my feet pain-free for at least a good eight hours! Click here to shop some great comfortable shoe options!

Also make sure that you have a game plan. Know exactly which stores you are going to hit first and in what order. Also have backup stores that are carrying the items you are looking for just in case your first store is sold out!

Lastly, make sure you have moral support. You will need someone to help you decide whether or not that $300 bag is worth the credit card swipe, hold you back from punching someone, or protect you from someone's cart rage. Don't walk into that mall or store without having your bestie by your side!

I hope you enjoyed reading these tips on surviving Black Friday! Be sure to leave any you may have below in the comments! Good luck!

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