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Gifts for Him

Hey, y'all!
Today I am sharing some gift ideas for that special man in your life!
These are all simply ideas but if you love the actual items in the photos, you can shop them by simply clicking the links below the photos! 

Cologne is a classic gift. I love the idea of gifting a nice cologne for my husband.
I know this is something he equally appreciates. I suggest gifting a more expensive cologne that he might not purchase on his own. This will make it even more special to him. 

Books are also a great gift. It is something small but can be meaningful if your purchase something of their interest. You could also maybe surprise them by purchasing one that show you were listening when they thought you weren't. ;)

Another thoughtful gift is something that just speaks to their personality and something they are passionate about. My husband is very passionate about changing the world and making a difference. He is also a fan of Steve Jobs and his legacy. I had this globe handmade for him with the quote painted. I found both paired well together and he absolutely loved it. Find something your guy is passionate about and come up with something fabulous that will bring that handsome smile to his face!

Another gift that is great for any man is a tie and a nice set of tie clips.
My husband had been wanting this US Constitution tie for quite some time! It took some digging but I finally found it! The tie bar clips are so sleek and the packaging is gorgeous.

Something else that is a wonderful gift is a DIY project! Get them something that they are genuinely interested in and see what they can do! My husband has been wanting a guitar for a while now and he also loves projects like this. I found this kit with the help of a friend and it is perfect! A few other DIY projects are the computers you can build on your own! A nice set of tools is also something great to purchase as a DIY style gift!

Thanks for reading!

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