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The Gospel Is For Everyone

"Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved."
Romans 10:13

This exact statement is found twice throughout scripture. Here in Romans and earlier in Acts.
To understand this simple truth is crucial.

I can see the look on the face of those Romans when Paul was telling them this. Jews and Gentiles alike? Both able to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven? How could this be?!

Well, it's true.
I feel like this still relates to people in society today.
Christianity is sometimes portrayed as being designated for "certain" people. 
Who is doing this?
Christians themselves. Us. You. Me. We are failing.

When we assume that everyone knows the Gospel, or that no one cares, we are doing three things:
1. We are bringing a hindrance to spreading the Gospel (the Great Commission)
2. We are ruining our witness by showing an attitude of carelessness and no love
3. We could ultimately be hardening someone's heart for the last time (they've given up on true Christians)

You say that you are just afraid of stepping on someone's toes. But what if that person is looking for hope, peace, and true love? What if your conversation brings them to an understanding of what the Gospel is all about? Not hell and brimstone, but of love and grace?

You say that you do show love to everyone. Let me tell ya this. If we truly loved everyone, we would be spreading the Gospel like wildfire. Why? Because you wouldn't want anyone, not even your enemy, to be separated from the love of God forever. You wouldn't want to imagine them in Hell. You wouldn't want a chance of any of this happening if there was something you could do.

A lot of people say that "You may be the only person to tell someone about Jesus."
This is true. Don't ever ignore the Holy Spirit when He leads you.
But something else I want to bring up... You could be the person that turns them away forever.
How? Ruining your witness. Being a hypocrite. Showing more hate than love. Etc.

We aren't perfect. We weren't designed to be. But we sure were instructed to live like Jesus. We were instructed to strive for perfection (be like Jesus). He's there daily when we fail to welcome us back with open arms. Just remember before you start to gossip about that coworker that people are watching you. If you proclaim to be a follower of Christ, then live like Him.

The Gospel is for everyone.
All races.
All religions.
All nations.
All of the poor.
All of the rich.

God instructed us all, as a church, to tell everyone of the good news.
Stop filtering who you talk to.
Stop filtering who you welcome into your church.
Stop filtering who you love.
Take off the filters.
Tell everyone.

The command is simple:
"Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone."
Mark 16:15

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