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I've got a huge Instagram roundup for y'all today!
Simply click the name of the items below the photos to shop!

Kind Bar || Leopard Flats (sold out, very similar)

Sunglasses || Lipstick (color: bauhau5)

Loafers (sold out, love these)

Lipstick (color: Bachelorette) || Tunic (sold out, love this!) || Necklace (use code BLOOMINTOBEAUTIFULXOXO for your 1st month free!) || Leggings || Flats

Study Journal || Bible || Prayer Journal || Slippers (sold out, want these) || Coffee Mug

Slippers (sold out, want these) || Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark || Bedding (sold out, love this)

Top (sold out, want this) || Coffee Mug (sold out, love this)

Lipstick (color: bauhau5) || Necklace (use code BLOOMINTOBEAUTIFULXOXO for your 1st month free!) || Top (sold out, want this NOW!)

Sweater (sold out, love this) || Lipstick (color: snob)

Lipstick (color: crimson) || Necklace || Dress (sold out, want this) || Blazer || Opaque Tights || Flats || iPhone Case (sold out, want this)

Slippers (sold out, want these) || Watercolor Pencils || Coloring Book || Sweater (sold out, love this) || Pandora Charm || Tiffany Necklace || Chanel Fragrance || Lipstick (Color: Bachelorette) || Naked Smoky Palette || Coffee Mug || Pajamas (sold out, similar)

Hat (sold out, love this) || Vest || Shirt (sold out, love this)

Top (sold out, similar option)

Bra (sold out, very similar option)

Scarf (sold out, love this) || Crossbody Bag || Top || Shoes || Denim (favorite pair!)

Coffee Mug || Goal Planner || Sheets || Pajamas (sold out, love these

Tumbler (sold out, want this) || Hunter Boots || Coat (sold out, very similar option

Vest || Top || Necklace (use code BLOOMINTOBEAUTIFULXOXO for your 1st month free!) || Denim || Boots (sold out, want these for spring)

Lipstick (Color: Bachelorette) || Necklace & Earrings (use code BLOOMINTOBEAUTIFULXOXO for your 1st month free!) || Coat (sold out, very similar option)

Eyeglasses (use code MEGANMCQUEEN to try a month free!)

Slippers (sold out, want these) || Bedding || Bible

Thanks for reading!

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