Bloom {Into Beautiful}: Q&A Session


Q&A Session

Here it is! 
I've rounded up twenty questions that I get asked a lot by my readers and followers!

How did you and your husband meet?
Hah! We actually met at Office Depot. I had came in to pick up some pencils, he was my cashier, and it was love at first sight! ;)

What kind of Bible do you use?
I use three different Bibles! I like to be able to refer back and forth to different versions!
I use the NLT, NIV/MESSAGE Parallel, and the ESV in the journaling version!
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What are you studying in college?
I am studying to receive my bachelor's degree in Psychology! I then plan to go on and work for my master's degree after that! I would like to have my certification in family and marriage counseling. Maybe have my own practice some day?! :)

How long have you had your dog?
I have had Bo for over ten years now. My parents gave him to me just two months after he was born! He is the sweetest little thing and I can't imagine life without him!

Where do you work at right now?
I currently work for Victoria's Secret as a sales associate! It's a very interesting, but rewarding, job! I mostly specialize in bra fittings and matching styles to the customer's needs.

How do you afford designer items on a budget?
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What apps do you use for your photos on your blog & Instagram?
I really like the Afterlight app! It has everything you need right there! I currently don't own any photography editing software, but plan on purchasing Adobe Lightroom soon!

Which blogs do you read on a daily basis?
I really like The Sweetest Thing by Emily Gemma, Convey the Moment by Eleni McMullin, Southern Curls & Pearls by Caitlin Covington, and Hello Fashion by Christine Andrew. These are the blogs that I must look at every day! I follow a lot of other bloggers but find that these gals fit my taste and style more so than others!

Do you plan on writing a second book?
Yes, I do plan on writing one! Hopefully within the next year I will sit down and write exactly what's been on my heart to share with y'all! I love seeing the positive responses from ladies that have read/are reading my current book. It warms my heart to see the good that can come from obeying the Lord. Order my current book by clicking here!

When do you plan on having kids?
Travis and I do not plan on having children for a few years. We would like to be done with college, have stable careers, and be in our own home back in Kentucky.

Do you have a daily makeup routine or do you switch it up a lot?
I do have a daily routine! For the most part I will always put on the same products every day that I wear makeup. I always give myself one day a week for no makeup to let my skin BREATHE! I do sometimes go for a more simple look if I'm in a hurry or just being lazy! I plan on doing an every day routine post soon!

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Oh, boy. I used to own A LOT of shoes. An embarrassing amount... it was over 100. However, the past year I have simplified my closet and home so much! It's much more refreshing. I now own probably around 40, which is still too many, but hey, I'm a girl. ;)

What is your favorite shade of lipstick?
That's a tough one! I absolutely love lipstick. If I had to choose, I would say anything that has a pink tint to it! I feel like pinks look better on me! However, I love a red lip! I just don't think I pull it off very well!

What is your go-to cheat on healthy food?
Not that I'm advocating that I eat healthy 24/7 because I do not... but I love to cheat at least twice a month with some Ben & Jerry's! My favorite flavor is the Fro-Yo Half Baked! Yum!

Do you have any exciting collaborations coming up for your blog?
I do have a few! Keeping those a secret for now! I have current collabs that are ongoing such as Rocksbox and Ditto. 
One month free of Ditto using my code MEGANMCQUEEN
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What are you currently watching on Netflix?
A few things! My husband and I are watching Everybody Loves Raymond together! I am watching Hart of Dixie and Once Upon A Time! I don't have much time for tv, so it will be a bit before this is updated! Lol!

What is your best blog advice?
Be consistent and don't write just to write. Create quality content and simply write posts based on what your readers are asking for!

Who is your favorite designer?
I would definitely have to go with Kate Spade. Everything that this company creates is genius. From dresses to shoes... I'm always amazed!

How do you keep your quiet time as a daily thing?
I honestly don't have a choice! If I don't have that time with God every morning... it seems like my days just do not go very well! Why? Because my focus is all off. If I start my day with God, my focus stays on Him and what I learned that morning all day.

Do you have a Snapchat?
Yes! I do have one and I post there multiple times a day! If you like my posts on Instagram and here on the blog, it's kind of like a behind-the-scenes look! ;) Snapchat: mrsmcqueen12

I've enjoyed answering these questions for you all and will try to do this every few months!
Thanks for reading!


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