Bloom {Into Beautiful}: My Go-To Everyday Makeup Routine


My Go-To Everyday Makeup Routine

MOISTURIZER: Clinique || PRIMER: Smashbox (airbrushed look!) || FOUNDATION: Estee Lauder (great for oily skin!) || FOUNDATION BRUSH: Sigma (best brush ever!) || CONCEALER: Estee Lauder || CONCEALER BRUSH: Beauty Blender (much better than using an actual "brush") || EYESHADOW: Too Faced & Urban Decay (also use both of these for "going out" looks!) || EYESHADOW BRUSHES: MAC & Sigma || BROW FILLER: Urban Decay (want this) || BROW BRUSH: Sigma || BLUSH: Estee Lauder || BLUSH BRUSH: Sigma (picks up product great!) || BLUSH BLENDER: E.L.F. || SETTING POWDER: Laura Mercier (the BEST!) || SETTING POWDER BRUSH: E.L.F. || EYELASH CURLER: Forever 21 (cheap & works great!) || MASCARA PRIMER: L'Oreal (only use white side!) || MASCARA: Too Faced (literally the best mascara I've ever had!) || LIP PRIMER: MAC (makes lipstick last so long!) || FAVE LIPSTICKS: MAC & Kat Von D || FACIAL MAKEUP REMOVER: Clinique or Neutrogena (love both!) || EYE & LIP MAKEUP REMOVER: Clinique || LIP SCRUB: Sara Happ (use 3 times a week!) || LIP OINTMENT: Sara Happ (use nightly!) || MAKEUP BRUSH CLEANER: Purity || MAKEUP BRUSH CLEANING PAD: Sigma (AMAZING!) || MAKEUP BAG: Nordstrom

This post has been requested so much! I've simply been putting it off because I knew it would be a killer to write and link! ;) You can shop everything with any of the pink links throughout the post or at the bottom of the post by clicking on the images! Above, I simply linked everything but below I will go into detail about how and when I use each product! All of these are so great! It may seem like a lot of product and be very intimidating, but this routine takes me about 15 minutes, and that includes moisturizer and primer dry time! Let's get to the details!

Step 1 - Moisturizing & Priming
After showering, I immediately put on this moisturizer. It is so great, especially if you have oily skin, and a small pea-sized drop is just the right amount for your entire face. I usually let my moisturizer dry for about 7-10 minutes. AKA I sit in my towel on my bed on Insta ;) After that is nice and dry, I apply this primer, and let that dry for five minutes. I also hear that the Becca Primer is great too but haven't tried it yet. 

Step 2 - Foundation & Concealer
After my primer is dry, I then apply this foundation (been using for two years now!) with this brush in a circular motion over my entire face and down my neck. Then I use this concealer on any imperfections, under my eyes, down my nose and on my cupid's bow. After I have all of that put on, I blend it in using this.

Step 3 - Eyeshadow & Brows
I use two different eyeshadow palettes for my everyday routine, which might seem a bit excessive, but it's what I've found that works for me. I first cover my entire lid with 'white chocolate' from this palette using this brush. I then use 'combust' from this palette in my crease using this brush. I then blend everything out with that same brush (after cleaning with a towel). To fill in my brows, I use 'faint' from this palette using this brush. I do light strokes so that they do not get filled in too dark, but just enough to bring them to life. 

Step 4 - Blush & Setting
I then glide this blush onto my cheeks using this brush. After that, I blend it out using this brush. Lastly, I will set everything with this powder using this brush

Step 5 - Mascara
I always curl my eyelashes using this eyelash curler no matter what! After that, I apply (white side only!) this primer to my lashes. Following that, I apply two coats of this mascara (the best!!!) to my lashes.

Step 6 - Lips
I usually always have some sort of lip product on! I will prime them with this first! I love 'snob', 'candy yum yum' and 'shy girl' from MAC and also 'bachelorette' from Kat Von D

Taking It Off
Removing your makeup each night is very important! I cannot stress enough to make sure that you have every little bit of it off before resting your head! I just started using facial makeup remover and love it so far! I used to use these wipes though! I use this remover for my lids, lashes and lips!

Lip Treatment
You also need to make sure you are taking proper care of your lips! Be sure to exfoliate them 2-3 times a week and use a ultra moisturizing balm nightly! I use this scrub to exfoliate my lips 3 times weekly and this balm to keep them moisturized nightly!

Cleaning the Tools
I clean my makeup brushes once a week, usually on the day I give my face a break from makeup, and find that this keeps them lasting longer and your skin clearer! I use this cleanser and cleaning tool for all brushes. These have been a complete lifesaver and are well worth the investment!


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