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Study Tips for Online Students

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After almost four long years of taking online college classes, I have to say that I've learned a thing or two about the ups & downs, ins & outs, etc! So, today I'm sharing my top five tips for you girlies who are doing the same! I will be graduating Spring of 2017 with a degree in Psychology and will then be going on to get a Masters in a smaller concentration of the area!

Tip #1
Plan Your Week Well
When you have to be your own boss, it's easy to get distracted or toss responsibility out the door. That being said, a good planner is essential for success in an online program! I got this planner and it has been a lifesaver. It has so much room to write down your assignments for each day of the week - enough for up to four classes from experience! Always make sure you write everything down you have to do - from reading to watching lectures to taking an exam - make sure it's in the planner! Navigating Blackboard all of the time can get annoying and this way you have everything you need right there! 

Tip #2
Have a Good Study Environment
I have to say my favorite place to study is in our bedroom. The natural light that flows in there during the day is amazing and it just brings my mood to a good place. There's also just something so nice about the comfort of a fluffy bed and being surrounded by things that make you happy - photos of my husband and I, my little pup, white and gold colors, etc. - and happiness is a key part of getting stuff done well! If I am studying late, I prefer to sit at my desk in our living room because if I'm in the bed past 7pm all I can think about is sleep or Netflix... seriously. I'm a grandma! Hah!

Tip #3
Caffeine is Key (or an addiction)
If I don't have coffee in my system by 10am, you may as well just put me back to sleep, because I am useless. When I study any kind of caffeine is great and it's also been theorized and studied that caffeine stimulates memory! At least I'm going to convince myself that it's true! I love coffee but sometimes I need more, and that's when I reach for the sugar free Red Bull. (I know it's poison.) If you don't like to drink caffeine, try snacking on something that has an energy boosting quality like almonds!

Tip #4
Get Dressed but Stay Comfy
I used to only wear pjs when doing homework but I found that it was seriously making me feel so sloppy and tired all day. So, I started showering, putting on at least moisturizer, and wearing a cute tank/tee with some leggings or stretchy denim. It will make a world of difference I promise!

Tip #5
Turn Your Phone Off or Put It in Another Room
If you're anything like me, you check your Snapchat every two minutes, and you are constantly looking to see if your sweet thing has texted you. I'm the world's worst at getting distracted (borderline ADD) and I cannot have anything that will take my attention away from studying when I'm in that zone! Try this out and see the difference it will make in your focus and motivation!

That concludes my study tips for online classes! I know they seem pretty simple but I promise these will make a world of difference for your mood and grades! As always, thanks for reading and have a great day!

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