Bloom {Into Beautiful}: Why You Need Bloglovin


Why You Need Bloglovin

Many of y'all are probably like, "What the heck is Bloglovin?" And this is why I'm hear to tell you and to let you know exactly why you need it. Before I discovered Bloglovin, I was that girl who had all of her favorite blogs in her favorites bar on her computer. So annoying to have to click back and forth with these, right? Bloglovin takes away all of that hassle and still gives you all of your favorite bloggers but in one spot! Some bloggers aren't on Bloglovin yet but they should be!

That being said, Bloglovin is great because they have an app you can download to your phone or iPad! Yes, I know. You can read all of your favorite blogs in one spot, at the same time, without having to click a million links! Be sure you click over with this link below and go sign up! It's completely free (obviously!) and it will save you so much time and also help you to discover so many other blogs that you may not have known about! 

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Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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