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Half Written

BOOK: Half Written // TOP: She In // DENIM: Old Navy

Hey y'all!
When Nicole Jordan contacted me I honestly didn't know what to think. Doing a book review is something that I honestly am not an expert at. Throw me some cute clothes or a coffee mug and I'm down... but a book? And one on a very serious/controversial topic at that? I was terrified.

But as I've sat and read through her story, I can't even explain to y'all how much my heart has been touched. Reading through all that she has been through and how she has overcame that by the power of the blood of Jesus... It's beyond moving. I'm going to touch on certain points in the book but I don't want to give too much away. You need to read this. No matter your view on abortion, sex, relationships, or just life in general... If you need healing, if you need to move past something, even if you just need a little encouragement to work on your relationship with Jesus... go buy this book.

"I believed I was too far gone, even for Jesus."

When I read these words, I wanted to just reach out and give Nicole a hug. I wanted to turn back time and go back to that moment when she felt that. I wanted to look at her and tell her that Jesus never left her. I wanted to tell her that He was still right beside of her, holding her hand. Sis, if you feel the same way, tell that negative voice to leave you. No one is too far for Jesus. He is right there ready to pick you up and He will never let you go.

"The life that I desired seemed to be reserved for people who knew how to keep their life together."

I don't know how many times I've thought this throughout my life. Watching the "perfect" church people walking around with their "holier than thou" attitude. I'm not here to point fingers or to condemn anyone by no means, but I have to say that if you've got that attitude going on... you need to drop it right now. Because we are all equal. We all mess up. We all fail. And you know what? We were all created by the same Creator. So instead of putting your brothers and sisters down... pick them up. Encourage them to build a relationship with Jesus and stop throwing rules at them. 

"I was damaged goods and I believed that God would want nothing to do with me."

At this point in Nicole's story, she truly meant every word of that. The pain and sorrow she was feeling came right off of the page. Her story is one that is meant to be heard. God works in mysterious ways and that is very clear through her memoir.

"You are not a lost cause - no matter your sin, your past, or your failures."

I can say that when you start believing this... your life will change dramatically. When you stop putting yourself down over every little mistake... you will then see that happiness and joy you've always wanted show up in your life.

"You can have a relationship with Jesus in the midst of your messes and struggles."

All relationships have their ups and downs. And if you're with someone that truly loves you, they will be there for you through all of those. When you stop looking for that perfect relationship and you seek out Jesus and begin that daily relationship with Him, you realize that His love is the only love that can fill you. Through everything you may face, He is not going to give up on you and He will love you through it all.

"The more I have drawn closer to God the more I see this life is not about me and my sin; it's about how he overcame the dirty messes of our lives and He wants us to believe in His promises and see that we are a part of a redemption story that began long ago and is still being written until the day of completion."

Your story is still being written. It's not over. It didn't end three months ago when you made that bad decision. It isn't going to end when you mess up tomorrow. Your life is worth living just because He lives. And He lives in you
Don't give up.

You can order Nicole's book here on Amazon!

Thanks for reading!

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