Bloom {Into Beautiful}: My Blog Planner & How I Use It


My Blog Planner & How I Use It

Hey y'all!
As many of you know, the blog planner I used to use was discontinued... therefore, the search of the perfect new planner has been on! I finally found the PERFECT planner for me! It has goals incorporated throughout the planner which is perfect for blogging! I'm sharing with y'all how the planner works and also how I use the daily sections for my blogging life!

First, can we talk about how gorgeous this planner is?! The gold foil detail is amazing! And that blush and white stripe cover? Yes please! I also love that it has the gold corners to make sure that it will last through anything! Lord knows my planners go through, excuse me, hell! The cover is also a wipeable surface... so no worries of coffee stains here!

In the second photo, you can see there is a section in the beginning of the planner to write out goals you may have for the year there. The second photo shows a section to reflect on your progress on your goals thus far and to write the tasks you still need to accomplish to reach those goals! I did not share my goals with y'all because they are a secret! Shhh! ;) 

The fourth photo I took just so you could see how an empty page looks in the daily section of the planner. There is so much space to write down everything you may need to do that day! I love how the timeframe is on the left! It is so great for me to jot down when/what to post on Instagram, as well as any meetings/chats I may have for the day!

In the last photo, you can see how I utilize the planner for my blogging! I use the Daily Goal section to write down the topic of my blog post for that day, and then follow with the title for the post! In the Tasks section, I write down everything I need to accomplish that day that is blog and Instagram related! The schedule section is where I jot down my Instagram posts and also any meetings/chats I may have for the day! Lastly, the notes section is where I will jot down any new ideas I may have come to mind throughout the day for the blog or Instagram!

I hope you've enjoyed looking into my blog planning process! If you're a blogger or just need a good goal/daily planner... go grab this one now! I don't expect them to last long! They just launched over on her site here!

What are some tips you may have for blog planning? 
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Thanks for reading!

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