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My Skincare Routine

Hey y'all!
As many of you know, I have been looking for a new skincare regimen and the road has been a bumpy one! I stumbled across Tula one day on Instagram and had to check them out. After reading multiple reviews and what their line is all about, I had to grab a Getaway Kit to try everything out! Tula also sent along the Purifying Face Cleanser and Revitalizing Eye Cream for me to try out too! 

I have oily and very sensitive skin, but I have to say that all of the Tula products have done very well for me! I love the scent! It's a very fresh scent and everyone is always complimenting it! I also love that the Tula products are designed to help even out your skintone as well. As a girl with very rosy skin, this was a God-send! 

Bottom line, if you've not tried out Tula... Click over there now! I suggest getting the Getaway Kit and the travel size Face Cleanser and Eye Cream to try it out! If you love it, like I do, then order the large sizes!! I'm ordering my large sizes this week! PS the travel size has lasted me a month of 2x a day use! 

Click here to go over to their full site!

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