Bloom {Into Beautiful}: Don't Let Her Steal Your Joy


Don't Let Her Steal Your Joy

Hey y'all!

We've all played the comparison game at some point in our lives, and if we're being completely honest, probably every day. I sometimes find myself wishing that I was "as pretty" as someone else, that I had as many followers on Instagram as some other bloggers, or that I had a big collection of designer handbags and shoes like some gals. But it's silly.

A couple of weeks ago, I was out for a run with my husband. This is true grit right here, y'all. Not often do I share my heart and soul to the public, but I thought that maybe someone else needed to hear this. As we were running (I'm not the best), I was getting out of breath, pain in my side, which was due to not eating well that week. But did I think about that? No. The first thing I did was start comparing myself to other women. People that I know who are in amazing shape started popping up in my head. "You'll never be as good as her." Those were the words that ran through my mind as I slowed my pace and came to a complete stop.

I had told my husband to not stop running and to go on. As I watched him run off into the distance, I began to kick myself even harder. I started that dang comparison game. My mind was fully consumed with putting myself down. Tears ran down my face and I was so angry. I was angry at those women who were in such amazing shape and who seemed to have it all together. "You'll never be able to do this. You can't run this course without stopping for a break. Forget it. Just go back home and sit on your butt because that's what you're good for." I looked up to see my husband waiting on me at the top of the hill and knew that it was time to start moving again.

I walked slowly up that hill and barely made the rest of the run with him. Of course I didn't share with him the crazy game I had just got done playing. Because I lost. I didn't push those silly thoughts away. I let them eat away at me the entire day. I was consumed with thoughts of not being as good as those other women. I let them steal my joy.

I was reflecting on that the next day and couldn't believe I had let myself get to that point. Crying because I wasn't like someone else. Instead of trying to better myself or push myself harder, I let those thoughts overwhelm me and ruin my entire workout. I decided right then that this wasn't going to happen again. I was going to concentrate on me and love me for me.

I'm writing this for the girls who have been here or are playing that game right now. Girl, your beauty is not found in the things on the outside. Your beauty comes from the inside. So work on loving yourself first, love others fully, and see the change happen on the outside.

If you've made it this far down the post, then I assume you've been here or you're just so entertained by my craziness that you can't stop. But this is a real thing and I see it everywhere. I look at comments on other blogger's posts and all of the women leaving statements like, "Oh, I wish I had that!" "I wish my hair was as gorgeous as yours!" "I wish I could run that far!", and the list goes on. This isn't a callout to other bloggers to stop posting their pretty things because I do the same thing. It's a callout to the "I wish" ladies.

Stop wishing you had what someone else has or comparing yourself to them. Don't let her steal your joy. She's not trying to do that for one. She's simply sharing with you her life and what she's proud of. If that's a nice body or a new Chanel bag, then let her enjoy that. Tell her how great she looks or that the color of that bag is perfect for summer! Don't start that comment with the "I wish" mentality. Live your life and enjoy every moment. She isn't trying to take that away from you. So if it happens, it's on you, girl. 

Get up, get off of social media, and live. Breathe in that fresh air outside, go out with your girlfriends, go for a run with your husband - whatever it is that makes you happy - go do it! I want to challenge you to have a break from social media for one week and see how your attitude towards yourself changes. Focus on yourself, your life, and stop drooling over someone else's for a week to see what happens. I can promise you it will be magical.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your heart and this important message.