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Five Running Tips For Beginners

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Hey y'all!

As most of you know, back in January I hit a wall and finally realized how bad I had let myself go. I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life (170 pounds), I would sit and eat my way through my feelings of being unhappy with myself, and I was just not living the way God intended for me to.

I am not one to be very vulnerable to the public but I know that a lot of y'all are struggling with the same thing or are taking the leap forward to get out of that pit. With that being said, I thought I would share my five tips for beginning runners. I wish I had someone to tell me where to get started and how to stay encouraged throughout the beginning of my healthy lifestyle journey! Mind you, I am no expert by no mean, but I've had a million messages directed towards this topic!

Tip #1 :: Hydrate Well
If there's one thing I could scream to anyone starting to run, it would be to hydrate well! Women are supposed to drink 70 or more ounces a day. When I started running I was probably drinking around 30 ounces a day which is horrible. I like to pour my water into a bottle that holds 24 ounces. This way I know that I need to drink three of those daily. Why do you need to hydrate? When you are running on a dehydrated body you will know. Your mouth is dry, you feel drained, and you feel like you could start dry heaving. So hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Tip #2 :: Stretch
Stretching is so important when preparing for a run! You need to stretch every day right before you start your run. Stretching helps to get any kinks out an also prepares your body for what it is about to endure. You also won't cramp during your run which is very important because nothing is worse then running off of the path because you've got a terrible cramp!

Tip #3 :: Wear Proper Clothing
It's nearly impossible to run in sweatpants, oversized hoodies, or bad shoes. I suggest running in leggings that are designed to soak up sweat. My favorites are the ones I'm wearing above! I also suggest having a good, supportive sports bra! You don't want the girls bouncing up and down with every move you take! Don't forget to also have supportive shoes that fit you properly. I suggest going to a running shop. They can put you on a treadmill, see how you run, and suggest the best shoe and fit for you. All of these items are very important to have the proper gear for running!

Tip #4 :: Make A Playlist
Having a bad-A playlist is key to getting pumped for your run. Beyonce, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, and Ariana Grande are just a few of the artists on my current running playlist. Be sure to make a playlist that is around one to two hours of constant music. Why that long? Because sometimes you will want to skip to the next song and you need to make sure you have enough to get you through your run!

Tip #5 :: Mind Over Matter
Do not let that voice inside your head tell you that you can't do this! Your body is strong. Your mind is strong. You just have to let the two work together for this! Stop wishing you could run four miles and work towards it! Push yourself farther! Every time you hear that voice in your head telling you to give up, run a little faster. Take a deep breath and look around you. You're alive. You're breathing. You've got this! Don't give up! It's all worth it! Now go get it, girl!

Thanks for reading!

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