Bloom {Into Beautiful}: Hubby Style: American Patriot


Hubby Style: American Patriot

TOP: 1776 United c/o // SHORTS: J. Crew Factory // SOCKS: Fuel Clothing // SHOES: Under Armour // WATCH: Apple

Hey y'all!

There are many qualities of my husband that I love. He's definitely an easy one to admire and never disappoints me. One thing I love is how much passion he has for his country. He will stand up for the little man and fight for the rights of every human being. He is a strong believer in everyone being equal and upholding the constitution daily. He loves this country and he wants to show that through his words, his actions, and even his clothing. 

1776 United makes amazing clothing that is perfect for showing your patriotism all year long. We own several tops from them already and were thrilled to receive a full package from them a few weeks ago. All of their tees are super soft and fit perfectly! Be on the lookout for three more posts featuring them throughout this month!

This was Travis' 4th of July attire but he has already made it known that he will be sporting this shirt all year long. Whether you are looking for something for the holidays or simply want to show how you feel about the country that you live in, I suggest you hop over and check out everything 1776 United has to offer!

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