Bloom {Into Beautiful}: Media-Free Dates & the Importance of Dating Your Spouse


Media-Free Dates & the Importance of Dating Your Spouse

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Hey y'all!

Do you ever just feel like throwing your phone out the car window and watching it break into a million pieces? I know I do. Being a blogger and also living far away from family, I feel like I am constantly on my phone. From reading texts and emails to answering phone calls and updating Instagram, I feel like my work is never done. Thus, the media-free coffee date.

My husband and I rarely have time to just be alone together and so when we do, we try to make the best of it. We recently started doing something that many may think is crazy but I think it's the best decision we've ever made. 

We have begun to go out on dates, media-free with no distractions, and simply talk to each other. Even though we have been married for almost four years, I feel like I'm still learning something new about Travis every day. After you get married, you may feel that dating isn't important anymore, because hey, they're yours now right? Wrong. 

Dating your spouse is just as important, if not more, than when you were dating before marriage. We don't have children yet, which makes it easier for us, but even with kids you can still find a night or two a month to go out and discover each other all over again. People change all the time and new things are always arising in the lives of everyone. This means that even though you live with someone, you may not realize what is going on in their own world, and they you. 

If you're struggling with communication, intimacy, or whatever it may be, I suggest you try this out. Go out and date your spouse. Have a cup of coffee with them. Learn about what they are interested in these days. Simply be with them and them alone. It's a simple gesture and I can promise you it will bring you closer together. 

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for reading!

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