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My Kids Have Paws

TSHIRT: Shop Azalea c/o // DENIM: JC Penney // SHOES: Nike // EARRINGS: Kate Spade // WATCH: Apple // HAT: Columbia

Hey y'all!

Travis and I have been discussing adopting a new little pup into our home for a while now. We've been going back and forth so much simply because we do not know how Bo will do with another dog around. If you remember a while back we tried to take in a dog that was much larger than him and it didn't work out.

However, we think that a smaller dog and at puppy age would be better. This wouldn't have Bo feeling threatened as much and also give him the identity of a big brother. Bo is ten years old and will be turning eleven in October. We are thinking about adopting our second baby around this time. What do y'all think? Do you have any tips for getting older dogs used to having a new sibling?

In other news, we took Bo to the park yesterday and went for a nice walk. He absolutely loves the park! Afterwards, we went to Chic-fil-A, which is Bo's favorite (bad) treat! I know it's horrible that I feed him this but it's only once every few months and he loves it!

This t-shirt from Shop Azalea is so cute! I couldn't resist when I saw it on their site! It is super loose and comfy... which is ideal dog walking attire! ;) I paired it with some simple capris and my favorite tennis shoes. If you're a dog momma you need to go grab one of these tees asap! Love it! If not, go check out Shop Azalea and see all of the other cute things they have in right now!

Thanks for reading!

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