Bloom {Into Beautiful}: On My Heart: Praying for Those Who Have Hurt You


On My Heart: Praying for Those Who Have Hurt You

Hey y'all!

Do you ever find yourself nearly biting your tongue in half trying to control your words? When someone hurts you, in any form, it's usually our sinful nature to want to fight back. Or maybe it's just me. I want to scream and yell. Sometimes I just want to downright slap them. But this isn't the character of Jesus. He didn't put me here to assist satan. He put me here to share the Good News. He put me here to share His love.

There are few relationships in my life that I've had this issue with. However, there are some still there and it seems that the wound gets torn open every time I'm with them. This week I put my foot down. Of course not before I said things I regret. But I was so overwhelmed with a heavy burden early this week. I couldn't figure out what it was. It was eating away at my joy and my ability to be productive. I prayed about this and for God to show me why I was feeling this way. Oh, and He did. It was a slap in the face.

God dealt with me to pray for those people who had hurt me. He told me to pray for them. Not just once, but on a daily basis, each morning. I can tell you it wasn't easy. When people hurt you so deeply, it's hard to want to even speak to them, let alone pray good things upon them. Have you ever heard that country song, "Pray for You"? It's not great but that's the kind of attitude I had before this week. "I pray your breaks go out driving down a hill..." Yeah. Not a good song. Funny, but not the attitude I should have as a follower of Christ.

After praying for them this past week, I've seen a major difference in my attitude and my thoughts. My thoughts of anger and hurt turn into prayer. I don't let them take control of me anymore. They are forbidden and have been banished into the dark.

I know that it seems crazy to want to pray for those people who have hurt you. I know it's going to be difficult the first day you sit down to pray. I know it's probably going to make you cry. I know that they may not deserve your prayers. But guess what? You and I don't deserve the love and mercy Christ shows us each day. Shouldn't we do the same to others? No matter what they've done?

"Turn the other cheek" is a difficult practice to maintain but it's one that will make your life much better. You will have less anger and more joy. I can't promise the pain will go away but at least it won't consume you. Put your hope in Christ. He is the only path to happiness. Spend time with Him each day, pray, and dig into His word. It will change everything. I promise.

"Bless those that curse you. Pray for those that hurt you."
Luke 6:28

"But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those that persecute you!"
Matthew 5:44

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