Bloom {Into Beautiful}: The Perfect Travel Outfit + Five Road Trip Necessities


The Perfect Travel Outfit + Five Road Trip Necessities

Top: Lole (So comfy and comes in warm grey too!) || Leggings: Zella (Honestly the best leggings I've ever had! Love the high waist!) || Shoes: Steve Madden (So comfortable! Great for shopping and traveling! Or just every day!) || Earrings: Kate Spade

Hey y'all!
Do you ever find yourself struggling in your travel attire? I know I've been there a few times being a military wife! We are constantly on the road! Whether it's moving to a new home, or driving to visit relatives and friends, we are always on the go! I've teamed up with my friend Brittany Sjogren from Loverly Grey today to share our favorite travel outfits! I'm also sharing my five road trip necessities at the bottom of this post!

I recently picked up this outfit from Nordstrom and traveled to see our family for Thanksgiving in it! It's so comfy y'all! This sweatshirt tunic is so comfortable and the perfect length! I'm the girl that can't wear leggings unless my tail is covered! Tell me I'm not the only one? This tunic is such a good length for any height and it's super soft on the inside!

Now let's talking about these leggings. You've heard me rave on and on about them before... but I can't tell you enough how much you need like five pairs of them! They are so warm and the high waist is amaaaazing! Girl, you gotta go grab some now!

If you follow me over on Instagram, then you already have heard me blab about these sneakers from Steve Madden! They are so comfy! I went Black Friday shopping in these babes for 10 hours and my feet still felt great! No lie, y'all! 

Alright, on to the road trip necessities! With so much experience traveling... I know exactly what you need for those longs trips! Here we go!

1. A comfy outfit!
Obviously Brittany and I have already covered this for y'all in our posts today! But I suggest making sure it's something that you feel cozy in and that you layer at least your top so you can easily take something off depending on who's controlling your A/C! ;)

2. A good playlist!
We all know that a road trip isn't a road trip without some good music! I've made a playlist for y'all right here that I absolutely love to drive to! Everything from the 80s to current! Let's just say it ends with "Bye Bye Bye" from *NSYNC! ;) I love to play music that keeps me awake and moving! What about you?

3. Snacks!
Ummmm... fat girl probs! Hah! I have to have snacks when I'm traveling. I don't know what it is but I get the munchies so strong when driving! If I'm the passenger, it's not as bad, but if I'm behind that wheel we better have something to munch on! I love Fit Snack for healthy snacks on the go!

4. A cozy blanket & pillow!
If there's one thing I've learned about a long road trip is that you need comfort! I always travel with a blanket and pillow! Especially if you're in the passenger seat!! I love this blanket so much! It's so soft and the pom pom detail is adorable! I suggest a travel pillow instead of a regular pillow for traveling. The support they give you for sleeping in a seat is so much better! I highly suggest this one! It's super soft and fits great! 

5. Someone to laugh with!
Never travel alone if you can help it! Having someone to chat with and share stories with is so much fun! It also helps the drive to seem a lot shorter than it actually is! My favorite travel partner is my husband! Grab a friend or your special someone before you hop in the car! You won't regret it! :)

Thanks so much for checking out this post today! Brittany and I were so excited to share our travel tips and outfits with y'all! Be sure to go show her blog and Instagram some love from the Bloom Into Beautiful family!

What's your favorite travel essential?
Tell me in the comments or over on my latest Insta photo!


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