Bloom {Into Beautiful}: Healthy Lifestyle Update + My 21 Day Fix Journey


Healthy Lifestyle Update + My 21 Day Fix Journey

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Hey y'all!
Throughout the past year, I have learned a lot about my body and getting healthy. Last February I had a life-changing moment - stepping on a scale and seeing a very large number. I then began to exercise and eat healthier. The result? I lost twenty-one pounds in ten weeks. (Read my full story here) I continued this healthy lifestyle throughout the year until we moved to Tennessee in August. I simply got "too busy" to workout but I did continue to choose healthy options when it came to eating. Throughout the holidays, I gained nine pounds, which is insanity to me! But it happens I guess. You get careless, eat too much chocolate, and that in combination with no workout results in gaining weight. 

I decided it was time to get back into that daily workout routine and control my portions of what I was eating in January. It's been two weeks since I incorporated this routine and diligence back into my life. So far, so good. I am using the 21 Day Fix program and have seen great results so far! It's a tool to help you learn how to measure portions and also comes with some amazing home workouts for every day of the week.

Throughout the two weeks, I have lost seven pounds, which means I am almost back to my pre-holiday weight! Oh yeah! I honestly love to workout and can't believe I let myself get out of the great routine I had going. I have one week left in this cycle of the 21 Day Fix and plan to do two more cycles after this. I am meal prepping everything on Saturdays for the week ahead. Sunday is my cheat day but I don't go super crazy! 

Here is what I had for my meals this past week:
Breakfast - Egg Muffins + Turkey Bacon
Lunch - Pico with Black Beans + Spinach Salad
Dinner - Chicken Taco Soup
Post Workout - PB Banana Protein Smoothie

I never feel hungry and my energy is through the roof! I am going to try to photograph what I'm eating from here on out for y'all. This will give you a better idea of portion size! Be on the lookout for a meal prep VLOG on my YouTube Channel soon! I will be sharing what a day of meal prep is like and also sharing some recipes/tips with you! 

Saturday I went to Crossfit with my husband for the first time. It was very challenging for me because I am terrible at strength training but it was worth it! It leaves you feeling so awesome! I will probably sign up for this at three days a week starting in March, getting back into a running routine for the other three days of the week, and doing yoga on Sundays. I'm looking forward to sharing tips and results with y'all every week here on the blog! Let me know what you would like to see here in my fitness posts! Thanks for reading!

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