Bloom {Into Beautiful}: The Best Chloe Handbag Dupe + Five Tips for New Bloggers


The Best Chloe Handbag Dupe + Five Tips for New Bloggers

Sweater: Tristin c/o (use code MM10 for $10 off!) || Denim: American Eagle || Shoes: Marc by Avon (sold out, other styles available here, use code BLOOM for 15% off) || Bag: She In (currently sold out, love this option for $30!) || Earrings: Rocksbox (use code BLOOMINTOBEAUTIFULXOXO for a month free!) || Lipstick: 'Whirl' by MAC

Hey y'all!

I hope your week has been off to a good start! Unfortunately, I've caught another sickness! Working in a daycare has it's disadvantages! I've been working on homework and getting my house cleaned up after work today! There's always something to do! But I plan on taking a break this evening and reading for an hour or so - something I love to do! Today I'm giving y'all the details on this look and also five tips for new bloggers! (much requested!)

I'm crazy about this monochromatic look with this cozy sweater and Chloe bag dupe from She In! Unfortunately, my bag is sold out in this specific color but I love this option! This sweater from Tristin is so soft and warm! I can't stop wearing it! I love the OTS trend! I paired them with my favorite destroyed denim from American Eagle! I wore this look out for grocery shopping and dinner with the hubs last Saturday! 

Five Tips for New Bloggers:

1. Be yourself + write about what you love!
There's nothing more unappealing than reading a blog post that has been forced through the fingers of the writer! Always, always be true to yourself and what you really love to write about. Whether that be fashion, fitness, or faith - step out and write about something that truly interests you and that you enjoy doing! Inauthenticity is such a horrible thing to get caught up in and it will back your blogging career no fun!

2. Be consistent!
One thing I've learned throughout my years of blogging is that consistency is KEY! Write 2-3 posts a week and make those on the same days. Your readers will be watching for your new posts each week and you don't want to disappoint! I suggest playing around with different days at first until you can see when your readers are most active! 

3. Have good quality photos!
Posting bad photos is the worst thing you can do! Brands will not want to work with you if your photo quality isn't good and your readers may look at you as unprofessional - something you do not want to happen! I suggest purchasing a good camera and having someone you know take your photos for you or pay a photographer for a weekly shoot session. Figure out what fits into your blogging budget and go from there!

4. Purchase a good planner!
 Being totally unprepared for the week ahead (or two!) is something that will bring your blogging career to a halt very quickly! Planning your posts out (even Instagram!) one to two weeks ahead will help you figure out photoshoots, outfits, and much more. I highly suggest this planner for bloggers! It has plenty of room to write everything out! 

5. Have fun!
Don't make this something that you dread! Put lots of fun into everything you do - from posts to photoshoots - make this an adventure worth your time. Don't be afraid to collaborate with other bloggers either! I've made so many wonderful friends through blogging! Have fun and don't be like the rest of them, darling!

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Thanks for reading!

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