Bloom {Into Beautiful}: My Favorite New Skincare Routine with Tula


My Favorite New Skincare Routine with Tula

Hey y'all!
I've done a previous post about Tula around a year ago. Since then I have only came to love this company more and more! I hadn't tried the exfoliating treatment mask on a regular basis until recently. Y'all. It's a game changer for your skin! If you wear makeup even just every other day your skin needs this product! It works miracles! My skin feels softer than it ever has before!

I also love using this purifying face cleanser with my Clarisonic! My skin always feels so clean and refreshed after a long day. Not to mention how good everything from this line smells! Oh my goodness. Honestly some of the best skincare I have ever used and I can't wait for you to try it out!

I also love using their Hydrating Day and Night Cream for my moisturizer! It's so great. I also have oily skin... so no fear ladies! This line has never made my skin more oily. I actually find my skin gets oily when I miss a day! Bottom line... you've got to try these products! If you're still a little unsure, I suggest trying it out with this discovery kit that even comes with a little travel bag! Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading!

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