Bloom {Into Beautiful}: Confessions of a "Fashion" Blogger: It Took 500 Photos to Get This Shot


Confessions of a "Fashion" Blogger: It Took 500 Photos to Get This Shot

Welcome to the new series "Confessions of a 'Fashion' Blogger"! This will be a bi-weekly post on Tuesday. There will be 8 posts in this series that you can look forward to reading! It's kind of a little peek into what fashion bloggers do behind the scenes that y'all never get to see!

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through your Instagram feed and think, "Wow. That looks so perfect. They must have the most amazing life!" Yeah, I used to do that too! And then... you become one of those people who get the messages of "Wow, your life looks so perfect! I wish I could do that!" Y'all. My life (and the life of pretty much every other blogger) is far from perfect. 

This photo was strategically styled and it took around 500 photos (no lie) to get the perfect shot. I know this seems insane but it's true. Those perfect little photos you see from most bloggers on Instagram or their blog are a lot of work and there's so much thinking that actually goes into it. I'm not saying this to discourage anyone if this is something you want to someday do yourself... I'm saying this to encourage those of you who think your life is a mess just because it doesn't look like the perfectly styled photos you see on Instagram.

I love y'all so much and am so thankful that I have the opportunity (and finally have the guts) to share this type of stuff with you! Just remember one thing: Comparison is the thief of joy. Stop comparing yourself to someone's Instagram "life" and remember that you are perfect in the eyes of Jesus. He is what matters. Not the shoes, not the Starbucks + flowers, not the perfectly placed devotional time, and not the OOTD. Focus on Him and everything else will fall into place. It's not a perfect path but it's certainly worth it. :)

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