Bloom {Into Beautiful}: Our Trip to Roan Mountain (My 1st Tent Camping Experience!)


Our Trip to Roan Mountain (My 1st Tent Camping Experience!)

 {Me at the end of the Grassy Ridge trail}

 {I think this is Golden Rod? Either way, these were some beautiful flowers on our Grassy Ridge hike!}

 {A little peaceful reading time with Jesus. Nothing like it!}

 {Me at the very tippy top of Roan Mountain!}

 {The start of the hike up Roan Mountain}

 {View from the highway of Roan Mountain}

 {Holding hands with hubby during a quick break on our Grassy Ridge hike!}

 {Instant coffee is not your friend... but these cups are! Available at REI}

 {Trail marker indicating which way to go! Hubby is now dying to hike the AT!}

 {Hubby at the end of the Grassy Ridge trail! While sitting here, the clouds were just pouring through us. It was such an unforgettable moment!}

 {Hubby during that short break on our hike of the Grassy Ridge trail!}

 {Hubby viewing the beauty God has blessed us with. This is one of the balds on the Grassy Ridge hike.}

 {The view of Roan Mountain from the Grassy Ridge hike! So beautiful!}

 {Travis signing the AT book at the shelter!}

 {Beautiful flowers from our hike up Roan Mountain. I believe these are Rhododendrons?}

 {Our little home for the five days we were there!}

 {I'm obviously really bad at carving... but it says "Travis + Megan 5 year anniversary Aug. '17"... I'll have to show you guys how Travis reads this on IG stories! It's hilarious!}

 {Travis took this with our drone! This is a view from the top of Roan Mountain of the shelter!}

 {Standing together at the top of Roan Mountain! This is the elevation marker indicating it is the very top! Next stop... Everest!}

{Lastly, this is one of the first views that you see when coming out of the woods from the beginning hike of the Grassy Ridge! That's some pretty darn good motivation to keep going!}

Hey y'all!
If you've been following along with my new Instagram, then you've probably seen a few of these photos already! I've been sharing as much as I can without overloading you guys from our beautiful trip to Roan Mountain! It is on the border of North Carolina and Tennessee (about 30 miles from Johnson City, TN). I have to say it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited! The views were all so breathtaking and the peacefulness of being on that mountain was unreal. 

We decided to do this to save money (aka no Disney World this year) but also to just get away from the world and be alone with each other. This was the first vacation we had ALONE in two years. Since my husband is in the military, we are always going in to visit family on our vacation time and never actually getting some quality time with each other. Being in close quarters (a two person tent) with my hubby for five days was exactly what I needed! It was pretty interesting though. I'm not a huge fan of bugs and we had quite a few of them visiting us on the daily in and around our tent! Yuck! I can't even explain to y'all what it felt like to be on this mountain with no noise to distract from the peace and beauty surrounding us. Sitting on a mountain holding hands with this guy was a dream that I never knew I had until now.

This trip was not only so fun and adventurous for this girl but it also opened my eyes to see what's really important. I saw that I don't need fancy things or clothes to feel good. I don't need a phone in my hand 24/7 to be entertained. I don't need to be so busy all of the time to make the most out of my life. I found that simply spending quality time with the one I love, embracing the journey ahead, and meditating on the beauty of nature brings so much more joy than anything else. 

There are two different spots we hiked while here. The first was up the actual mountain! (about 3 miles round trip) We did go to the very summit of the mountain and got to sign the AT book in the shelter! The second hike we did was to the grassy ridge to the left of the mountain across the street (for reference in case you ever go!). This was about a 5 mile round trip hike! Not too bad but this out of shape girl was about to die! My husband had loaded up my backpack with what felt like 50 pounds but he said it was under 20 for sure. (insert crying/laughing emoji here) I got over that fairly quickly though as we started to take in the beautiful views throughout the hike! It's definitely worth it, y'all! 

The rest of our trip we just relaxed and spent time together! We played cards, watched a few documentaries (pre-downloaded to the iPad), and read in our books! If you are looking for a break from the crazy busy world we live in... go lose yourself in the mountains with someone you love. I promise it will heal you!

Love y'all!


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