Bloom {Into Beautiful}: Bloom Into Beautiful LLC: How It All Began + Where We Are Now


Bloom Into Beautiful LLC: How It All Began + Where We Are Now

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Hello beautiful!
I'm so glad that you are here! It seems like this past year has flown by! As many of you know, I decided to take the past year off from blogging to focus on finishing my degree in Psychology. I still have one little class left until I see that diploma but December is near! I am beyond joyful to be sitting at this computer once again sharing my heart with you. This has been such an amazing journey and it's just beginning.

Today I wanted to share how this all began and walk you through that journey to where we are now. If you follow along closely on Instagram, then you probably know most of this already! Nonetheless, I encourage you to continue reading as I think you will find it very encouraging! Maybe you are struggling with the idea of taking those first steps for your own dreams and this will be that little push you need to finally do it!

Bloom Into Beautiful began many years ago in 2013. Wow, it's so hard to believe that nearly 5 years have passed by since God spoke to me about this. The night He gave me this name was the first time I ever heard the Holy Spirit speak to me. I remember God waking me up and whispering "bloom into beautiful" to me. I quickly scribbled these words down on a piece of paper and stuck them in my Bible. At that time, I didn't know what this was for or if I was just losing my mind to be honest. Then a few months passed and I was encountered by a friend who wanted me to speak at her women's bible study two weeks from that moment. I remember getting in my car and saying, "God, what am I supposed to talk on? I have no idea what in the world to talk to these young women about! I've been teaching YOUTH GROUP for two years... not WOMEN! I can't do this." Then I heard that still, small voice once again. God said "bloom" and I was totally confused because of course I had forgotten about the words He spoke to me three months prior. I cried out and asked Him what that meant. Once again He spoke and this time He said "open your bible". When I had reached a stopping point in my drive, I opened my bible and there, written on a tiny piece of paper were the words "bloom into beautiful". Tears began to pour down my face as I realized exactly what the Lord wanted for me to say to these women. You can read the full message I shared in a previous blog post here.

You see, God has been in this since the very beginning. After delivering that message, I then had a fire inside to continue to share the goodness of God with more women. So what did I do? I started this blog. It was designed just for the women I had been speaking to in my community but God had other plans. Time passed and the blog began to grow. You guys started asking questions. Questions about more than just the message. Life questions, style questions, and just wanting to know more about what I could share.

Bloom Into Beautiful then took a new direction. Yes, I still shared about God on the regular but I was also incorporating more about fashion and style. Something that I have always shared a strong passion for as well. Years passed, followers grew, and popularity increased. This all sounds wonderful doesn't it? But something had changed. Not with you all, not with God, but with ME. I had let this consume me and become my idol. It was replacing my time with the Lord, my family, and my self-care. This was a problem that had to be fixed. So, in spring of 2017 after my first NYFW trip and commission rolling in like never before, I decided to delete my Instagram account. It was time to peel away from all that was consuming me - this world of blogging. You can read a previous blog post more in depth on this here.

This now brings us to August of 2017. I had been seeking the Lord all summer about what to do with this blog and begging for Him to lead me. My husband and I had taken a trip to Roan Mountain for our anniversary and that's when I heard God speak louder than ever before. Standing on this mountain, as I was praying and crying out to God, He said "watch what I can do". I knew at this point that I just had to let go. I had to give Him the reigns to all of this. I was simply the human bringing it forth. 

From that time in August last year to spring of this year, I had just been going with the flow, focusing on school, and being still. One day while studying the Word and praying, God gave me my first VISION. Never before had I seen what God was going to do. I had never been given more clear directions from the Lord in my life. God showed me the home site for Bloom Into Beautiful and He showed me that this was more than a blog now - this was a company that would be used for His glory - Bloom Into Beautiful was going to be an LLC. This scared me silly. In this vision, I saw exactly what you now see here. The word SHOP was something I hadn't thought about since I had closed down my boutique years ago, which many of you may remember, The Crystal Feather Boutique. When I closed that down, it felt like my heart had been crushed. BUT GOD. He knew this would all come to pass and He was molding me, teaching me, and helping me bloom into who I am today. 

Now here we are. The blog has officially started back today, the shop opens next month, and the blogger courses I teach are being booked by the day. God is faithful, my friends. There's another little secret I have up my sleeve that God's working on - some of you may know - and I'll share more of that soon. I want to say thank you to everyone that has encouraged me, supported me, and most importantly, prayed for me and the heart behind this company. I am forever grateful and so blessed.

Much love,

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  1. I am so incredibly proud and inspired by you, and what God is doing with your passion to further His Kingdom. I feel blessed that He allowed us to cross paths. Love you!
    Katie Turner