Bloom {Into Beautiful}: Journey Through Exodus Pt. 2 // Fall Plaid With Abercrombie


Journey Through Exodus Pt. 2 // Fall Plaid With Abercrombie

Top: Abercrombie (currently on sale for under $40!) | Denim: Abercrombie (on sale for under $60!) | Shoes: Steve Madden | Earrings: Sugarfix by BaubleBar | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (sold out, love this option)

Hello beautiful!
Happy Tuesday! I hope you are having a good week so far! Today is my last day working a full-time day job and I'm so excited but also kinda nervous! I know God has amazing things in store for Bloom Into Beautiful but there's always that little voice whispering doubt in your ear! Nonetheless, I am more motivated and determined than ever to be the ultimate #girlboss!

Faith Talk
Last week we uncovered some truths from chapter 1 in the book of Exodus. This week we are going to really dig into chapter 2 and learn a little more about Moses. Moses' name meant "to draw out" which is so prophetic because he would be the one to draw the Hebrews out of Egypt! God is always working - even in the small things like a name.

Moses had lots of faults throughout his life - one of them being the day he murdered the Egyptian. Moses tried to hide this but it later comes to light and even his own people knew about it. I think sometimes we believe that the things we do wrong - no matter how small they may be - will never be known by others. But if God needs to use that to better you, or make a difference in your life and the lives around you, He will bring it to light. This should scare us. This should encourage us to live a better walk with the Lord!

With these faults, it makes it clear that Moses wouldn't be bringing the people out of Egypt with his own hand - but God's hand and protection would lead them out of the terrible life they were living. Moses did flee Egypt for quite some time - we know it was definitely over 40 years. 

When Moses was living in Midian, he was taking care of sheep - these were stubborn sheep might I add. God used even this to prepare Moses for what his future held. Taking care of these stubborn sheep prepared Moses for leading a nation of stubborn people. Israel was God's special flock and Moses was His chosen shepherd! 

40 years had passed and the Hebrews were still in slavery and bondage to the Egyptians. They cried out for help and God heard them. God hears you too. He hears your cries for help, for deliverance, for direction. Don't think He doesn't. Sometimes we just have to wait a little while longer before that Red Sea parts and we can walk through to the other side. God sees, God hears, God knows. Remember this throughout the week and I encourage you to read this chapter for yourself and see what God shows you.

Style Talk
"I like girls who wear Abercrombie & Fitch..." If you don't remember this late '90s song then we can't be friends - hah! Such a classic. But seriously though, y'all. I haven't purchased anything from Abercrombie in forever! With all of the hype everyone has had over them lately I just had to check out what was so great. The results? Complete obsession! So many cute things!

First of all, I love a good plaid top and this black plaid top gives me all the feels. I tend to gravitate more towards neutral colors - especially black - so when I saw this top, I knew I had to have it! I did a half-tuck and left a few buttons loose on top. You could also tie the bottom in a knot, tuck it in fully, or just wear it untucked. So many different ways to style this and I'll be sharing it a few more times here on the blog with y'all! It is on sale right now, so you better snag it up before it sells out!

Now, let's talk about these sculpting jeans. Being a gal with some major curves in the lower region, I am very picky about the denim that I wear. I had overheard a much smaller blogger (in denim size, y'all) talking about how these actually do sculpt you so well and I'm not gonna lie, I rolled my eyes (inset laughing/crying emoji here). But something told me to get the jeans and just see if they would really sculpt someone that needed the sculpting, ya feel? The results - AH-FREAKING-MAZING. I do not want to own any other pair of jeans now! Seriously want these in every wash and like five pairs of each. My plea to Abercrombie - never get rid of these jeans! Your curvy girls need them for life! Okay, I'll stop with the craziness over the jeans. But bottom line - go buy now while they are on sale! 

I feel like this post has officially hit the word count limit - or exceeded - and most of y'all are already signed off at this point. That being said, I will be sharing lots more with you guys soon! Monday-Friday blog posts are coming! Yahooooooooo! K, bye.

Much love,

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